Provide members with a variety of assistance and information services

1. Regulatory Services – Emergency and Ongoing

In emergency situations, NAMA staff are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. They typically become part of your establishment’s team, providing guidance and assistance that protect your company’s interests. On an ongoing basis, NAMA staff keep you up-to-date on regulatory issues. They educate and inform you on ways to address regulatory problems.

2. Advocacy – Strength in Numbers

NAMA offers you greater impact in Washington, DC, Ottawa, and Mexico City. NAMA has members in more than 44 U.S. states, three Canadian provinces, Mexico, as well as Australia, the Netherlands and Japan. NAMA retains the Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz PC (OFW) firm in Washington, DC, to augment its own professional expertise.

3. Canadian and Mexican Government Representation

As a North American organization, NAMA also represents the industry in Canada and Mexico. Robert de Valk, NAMA’s Canadian Government Affairs Representative, is the president of de Valk Consulting, a respected food regulatory consulting practice in Ottawa with clients across North America. Susana Arellano, a veterinarian with extensive expertise in government relations in Mexico, coordinates NAMA’s work in Mexico, and is greatly increasing our advocacy efforts on behalf of our members.

4. Workplace Issues Advice Service

NAMA provides you with a comprehensive, courtesy advice service on workplace and employment issues through the law firm of Alaniz & Schraeder, Houston, TX which has a nationwide practice helping management solve labor relations and employee problems.

5. Expert Pathogen Control Help

You have access to several well-respected regulatory and scientific advisors at no added cost, including Dr. James Marsden, NAMA’s Senior Science Advisor and Regent’s Distinguished Professor of Meat Science at Kansas State University.

6. Modified Associate Consultants and College of Experts®

NAMA’s Modified Associate Consultants and College of Experts® are independent authorities in areas such as humane handling, inspection issues, import/export, labeling and marketing. NAMA gives you access to these experts who can help you with business decisions and questions — free-of-charge for basic consultations.

7. NAMA Members Help Other NAMA Members.

In combining the strengths of NAMP and NMA, NAMA offers you many new opportunities to partner with other NAMA members. Suppliers have about twice as many potential customers. NAMA has nearly 400 meat processing members throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and beyond; 230 Associate Members (suppliers); and 70 Allied Members. NAMA also has about 113 afiliate members through the Eastern Meat Packers Association (EMPA) and the Chicago Midwest Meat Association (CMMA).

8. Networking Opportunities

Grow your business through NAMA networking opportunities, especially at NAMA’s MEATXPO & Annual Conference, Meat Industry Management Conference, Outlook Conference, and other events throughout the year.

NAMA members are open. They share experiences and build relationships that help solve the day-to-day problems you encounter. For more information on upcoming events.

9. NAMA Political Action Committee (PAC)

Participate in NAMA’s PAC, which advocates for the industry’s interests and concerns. NAMA’s PAC raises money to support U.S. Congressional candidates. The main recipients of these funds are members of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees who understand the interests of meat packers, processors and related industries.

10. The NAMP Meat Buyer’s Guide®

For more than 50 years, the meat trade and foodservice industries around the world have known this valuable resource as The NAMP Meat Buyer’s Guide®. Members receive a 35 percent discount on all NAMP Meat Buyer’s Guide® products, including nine new posters with five on beef subcategories.

The new online version of The Meat Buyer’s Guide® is available at It features 120 exclusive video clips of NAMA Standards & Specifications Advisor and Center of the Plate Training® instructor Steve Olson demonstrating meat cuts. The website offers you added information from nine major specie organizations and other major industry groups.

The online eMBG is becoming a global meat trade resource.

11. Food Safety & Culinary Education

With NAMA’s food safety education workshops and Center of the Plate Training® I and II courses, the association has more than 20 events every year to better educate its members. NAMA conducts webinars throughout the year on specific issues like HACCP, the FSIS Public Health Inspection Service (PHIS), and other food safety and regulatory issues.

12. Information Resources

NAMA has many diverse sources of information to help you and your business, including a weekly newsletter, Lean Trimmings, with current regulatory, legislative and industry information. The newsletter includes supplements on pressing industry topics, including …

  • Monthly Meat Lookout by Steve Kay
  • Marketing Trends by Mack Graves
  • Labor Relations by Alaniz & Schraeder, LLC
  • Technical Update by Texas A&M University
  • Risk Management articles by HUB International and State Compensation Insurance Fund.

In addition, NAMA members receive the weekly NAMA Market Report prepared by Urner Barry, as well as a biannual magazine, Lean Trimmings Prime, and an annual Member Resource Directory. There are special e-mail alerts on fast-breaking news, too, and access the NAMA website, packed with information that’s both public and for members only.

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13. Group Insurance

The North American Meat Association offers its members a group workers comp program through State Compensation Insurance Fund. State Fund is a self-supporting, non-profit enterprise that provides workers’ compensation insurance to California employers at cost with no financial obligation to the public. Safety in the workplace is an urgent matter for all employers. NAMA’s Group Workers Comp Program for California members is available through State Compensation Insurance Fund. Click to and go to “safety” to find out more of what you can do to ensure your employees work safely and effectively. For those members outside of California, please go to Kessler/HUB International at to get information on Property Liability Insurance. Hand in hand is the Alchemy Systems whose services extend to plant safety. Link to their website for more information: